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1825 Census of Darke County Males Over 21

From: History of Darke County Ohio, Vol. 1, by Frazier Wilson, pp. 161-163, 1997.

[Note: Even though this is said to be a list of males, you will also find some females listed.
Also there are some mispellings, which I have copied as printed.]

"In the year 1909 a document was discovered in the sheriff's office in the county court house giving what it purports to be a complete enumeration of the white male inhabitants above 21 years of age, some four hundred in number, of Darke county in 1825. It was compiled by Archibald Bryson and certified to the associate judges of the county. The document is of old style parchment, yellow with age, but tough and legible. A careful perusal will reveal the fact that nearly every name is perpetuated by descendants still living here and numbered among the most prosperous families. The list is as follows:

Abraham Studebaker, David Cole, John Jett, James Burkhannon, David Douglas, Archibald Bryson, Christian Levingood, Peter Levingood, Andrew Perkins, John Hiller, David Michael, Andrew Westfall, Joseph Huffman, Daniel Patten, Nathaniel Gillum, John Dean, Permelia Elsbury, Thomas Barnes, David Fisher, David Cole, Mathew Young, Janet Barnes, Isaac Elsbury, Samuel Cole, Jonathan Parks, Ranna Perrine, Thomas McGinnis, George Sumption, Jacob Keller, Eleyer Sharp, James Bryson, James Rush, David Miller, John Rupel, John Sheets, Jacob Rupel, Michael Emrick, William Folkerth, Cornwall Stephens, John Rool, James Howard, Vockel Clery, Selby Sumter, James Hayes, William Martin, John Martin, William T. Carnahan, Richard Lyons, William Hayes, Sr., William Hayes, Henry D. Williams, Robert McIntire, David Thompson, Jeremiah Mathewson, Abraham Miller, Isaac House, David Briggs, Lyra Thorp, Simeon Chapman, Cornelius I. Ryeson, William Westfall, George Naus, Margnet Westfall, Philip Manuel, Samuel Sutton, S. Laurence, Abraham Scribner, Isaac Clay, William McKhann, John Armstrong, David Moriss, William Wiley, Hugh Merten, William Sape, John Brady, Lewis Passon, Samuel Oliver, David Potter, David Irwin, Joseph Guess, Samuel Wilson, Daniel Halley, Nathan Terry, William Wilson, Samuel Wilson, Benjamin Thompson, Joseph Wilson, John Wilson, Robert Barnet, George Westfall, Peter Crumrine, Mass Rush, Richard Martin, Peter Smith, Samuel Reed, John Rupel, Sr., Charles Hapner, William Chapman, Jacob Shafer, Adam Billows, Hezekiah Veits, Henry Steinberger, Jacob Steinberger, Moses Rush, Isaac Joy, John Briggs, Abraham Smith, Abraham Weaver, John Weaver, George W. Fryer, Isaac Jones, James McGinnis, William Vail, Thomas Stokeley, Hezekiah Viets, Robert Taylor, Jacob Puterbaugh, Christian Sleighty, Thomas Campbell, Henry Wertz, George Huntsman, John Miller, John Phillips, William Decamp, Job Decamp, Charles Harriman, Thomas Phillips, James Wood, William Townsend, John Culberson, Elisha Byers, Isaac Joy, Johnston Denniston, Jacob Cox, Daniel Harter, Peter Kember, Joseph Dixon, Ignatius Barnes, Eli Coble, Samuel Fisher, John Cox, Thomas Coapstick, Isaac Sweitzer, William Brady, John Chenoweth, Ludwick Clap, John Cable, Thomas Hynes, Samuel Touring, Donovan Reed, Smith Masteson, Samuel Bourk, Frederick Bowers, Daniel Harter, John Crumrine, Abraham Cox, Henry Cox, Daniel Waggoner, Jacob Neff, John Hildebran, Peter Harter, Peter Weaver, Peter Crumrine, Ebenezer Westfall, Job Westfall, Daniel Crawn, Jacob Westfall, William Shoneson, David Ullery, Abraham Wells, Harrison McConn, James Craig, Hezekiah Fowler, Nathaniel Scidnore, Benjamin Murphy, James Brady, Isaac Vail, John Miller, Joseph Foster, Josiah Elston, John Snell, Jacob Chenoweth, Leonard Wintermote, John Clap, Philip Rarook, Daniel Shiveley, Abraham Miller, James Cole, Jeremiah Rogers, Susannah Miller, David Wasson, Samuel Wasson, Edward Baldin, Robert Cain, Charles Sumption, Thomas Beasley, John A. Addington, Jesse Gray, Samuel Martin, Ephraim Flemming, Isaac Byers, John C. Marquart, Julian Brown, Philip Brown, Benjamin Brown, Josiah Hall, John Thomas, John Robeson, Samuel Eddington, Charles Eddington, Philip Monbeek, Jacob Winegardner, Stoffle Shafer, John Ellis, Edward Edger, William Edger, Archibald Edger, Thomas Edger, Henry Keck, Barbery Myers, Christopher Borden, David Thomas, George Wilt, David Wilt, George Wilt, John Wilt, Samuel Harter, John Harter, Francis Harter, Philip Wiggens, David Harter, Jacob Harter, Cornelius Higgings, John Baird, John Arthur, Andrew Miller, William Terry, Jacob Puderbaugh, Mark Mills, James Mills, Christopher Hood, Elijah Stackenas, John Mikesel, Michael Kenell, William Holt, Thomas Godfrey, Timothy Mote, George Knee, John Waggoner, Ernestus Putnam, Jacob Ullom, Bingham Simons, Christopher Bordins, Daniel Ullom, John Wade, William Wade, John Ullom, John Williamson, William McFarland, Elijah Simons, John French, Isaac Cherry, Henry Creviston, Jacob Sutton, Nicholas Tinkel, Thomas Lake, Caleb Vail, Eli Edwards, Hugh Laurimore, Moses Arnold, John Ketring, John Teaford, George Teaford, John Knee, David Stephens, Samuel Guier, Spencer Edwards, William Eaker, Daniel Edwards, John Dixon, Jacob Sebring, Marshall Falor, Jonathan Pierson, Samuel Rhoades, James Woods, Henry Ross, Nathaniel Ross, Lewis Aukerman, James Reed, James Barney, Henry Williams, John Puterbaugh, John Clark, John Kendle, William Jones, Joseph Burdge, Jonathan Mote, John Fetters, Samuel Owens, William Stone, Andrew Stone, John Rush, James Baird, Samuel Fisher, Jonathan Thomas, John Stephenson, Christopher Rush, Zachariah Fryon, Asa Rush, Aaron Rush, Henry Hardy, Jacob Hensler, Reed Risley, David Scott, John Douglas, Alexander Smith, Alexander Irwin, Henry House, Linus Bascom, John Briggs, John Beers, John McNeil, Nancy Smith, David Cole, John Devor, James Craig, Abner Meeks, Henry Lawrence, Richard Lowring, Judson Jaqua, Nathaniel Edsel, Richard Miller, Dennis Hart, Samuel Droye, Obediah Stephens, John Huston, Henry Woods, Benjmain F. Woods, Robert Thompson, John Wooden, Moses Woods, John Brawley, John Purviance, Anthony Woods, William Wiley, Nathaniel S. McClure, Neal Lawrence, John McClure, Jacob Miller, William Brodrick, John A. Brodrick, George Miller, John M. Foster, Samuel McClure, John Wiley, Alexander McClure, Abraham Murray, George Roberts, Samuel Jones, Lloyd James, Mark Buckingham, David Gibbs, Samuel Roberts, Robert Campbell, Gersham P. Tiesen, Benjamin Snodgrass, George Gates, Moses Moore, James Harland, James B. Edwards, William Thompson, Thomas Sullivan, Thomas Wiley, John Brown, Nathan Harland, William Polly, Leonard Titsen, Aquillas Loveall, Josiah Guess, Jacob Guess, John Wilson, James Skinner, James Reeves, Amos Smith, William Hill, David Nockum, John Downy, Jesse Bell, Francis Spencer, John Cassady, Hankason Ashby, Benjmain Eakens, Samuel Ketring

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