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Darke County, Ohio
Combined Census Index
1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, & 1880
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These census indecies were originally made from the microfilm for the Miami Valley Genealogical Index by Joe Bosserman. The MVGI database is maintained by the Computerized Heritage Association based in Troy, Miami Co., Ohio, and indexes names found in published and/or public records throughout the Miami Valley area. Mr Bosserman has graciously extracted these files from the MVGI and generously gifted them for separate presentation on Darke Co. pages to facilitate searching by browsers.

These are the same names as those available on Jane's Darke Co. Genealogical Researchers' Home Page for townships. However, the names here are all alphabetized in one combined index where the names on Jane's page are further sorted by township. 1820, 1830, 1840 (partial, see below), 1850, and 1880 censii are indexed together so the year and township is shown in each entry. The page number refers to the page in the original census where the entry can be found. A few of the entries below were marked in the census as 'mulatto' and are indicated in this list as "(Mu)" after the name. Those who were marked 'colored' in the old census are noted here as "(Bk)".

This is not, regrettably, the entire census listing of all persons enumerated. It is only a "Heads of Household Index" which includes, for 1850 and 1880, those additionally listed in a household with a different surname. All of the 1840 census has not yet been extracted. Missing from the 1840 census extractions at this time are Adams, Butler, Greenville, Harrison, Mississinawa, Neave, Richland, Twin, Wabash, Washington, and Wayne townships. It should also be noted that Gibson Township was later moved to Mercer Co. authority in 1848 so there is no census index for Gibson after that date. The only available census for Gibson Township in Darke Co. is 1840.

sorted by surname :
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